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The coronavirus has brought a lot of late-spring and early summer fun to a halt and while things are slowly opening back up, not everything will. So, your typical summer plans are probably going to be quite different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! There are still plenty of ways to make it enjoyable and create ultimate at-home experiences. Your kids’ best summer memories are waiting to be made in your own backyard!


Movie Night

Break out the snacks and enjoy a movie that everyone in the family will enjoy. Looking for movie ideas? Check out this list of family movies: Best Family Movies (2000-2017)


Make your own instruments; then, lead a marching band parade through the living room.


1. Make the best homemade GIANT bubbles with this easy homemade bubble solution. Great for all ages!

2. A homemade water wall provides hours of fun and learning for preschoolers.

3. Tie Dye a tee-shirt with Sharpies.

4. Set up a backyard waterslide.

5. Set up a bath station for the dolls! It will keep toddlers and preschoolers busy for hours!

6. Set up a bucket and rope “pulley” contraption. So great for gross motor development!

7. Make delicious (and healthy) 2 ingredient homemade creamsicles! They taste like real creamsicles!

8. Paint the driveway with this easy 3-Ingredient sidewalk paint.

9. Set up an awesome “car wash” activity with shaving cream and water and hot wheels cars.

10. Make a batch of 2-ingredient cloud dough. Make it even more fun by adding whatever color food coloring you want!

11. Make musical instruments for a “marching band” walk around the neighborhood!

12. Make melted art with crayons and sunshine.

13. Make delicious one-ingredient banana ice cream. It’s so good and healthy!

14. Make some homemade bird feeders to hang in the yard.

15. Make beautiful garden ornaments to hang in the yard or to give as gifts.

16. Make window art on the sliding glass door with water and foam shapes.

17. Make homemade pizza in just a few minutes with this easy pizza dough recipe!

18. Round up some scrap fabric, ribbon and buttons and make paper dolls.

19. Have anxious children? Make good luck charms or worry dolls.

20. Set up a doll diaper station. So  much fun for Preschoolers!

21. Hold a backyard art party!

22. Make fridge magnets.

23. Make some wind chimes. (8 ideas here!)

24. Paint the sliding glass door with shaving cream.

25. Strengthen spreading and stacking skills with blocks and shaving cream.

26. Teach the kids how to braid with this easy, homemade braiding board.

27. Set up a pretend coffee shop.

28. Make binoculars and go on a nature hunt.

29. Set up a simple balance beam in your outdoor play area.

30. Do a fun and easy water displacement experiment.

31. Practice weaving.

32. Collect some stones, and make lots of cool stuff with them.

33. Put on a magic show.

34. Test all your markers and make paper towel art. 

35. Turn rocks into crystallized paperweights.

36. Make homemade butter.  This is SUCH a fun science activity!

37. Teach your kids how to weave on a cardboard loom or a round loom.

38. Create a dinosaur activity bin.

39. Add some ramps and fun accessories to your sand box! 

40. Make homemade liquid watercolors too!

41. Set up a “water-works” activity bin.

42. Paint some rocks like this or this or like this.

43. Make paint stick dolls.

44. Turn a cardboard box into a construction site small world. 

45. Make an ocean in a bottle.

46. Build ice sculptures (Yes!  Even in the summer!)

47. Craft with paper plates. (Tons of ideas here!)

48. Decorate some glass jars to put flowers in or to hold pens and pencils.

49. Do your kids like science? These simple science experiments are great for toddlers and preschoolers.

50. Create a dinosaur activity bin.

51. Make a bouquet of colorful paper towel roses.

52. Wash the toys. This is great to do every couple of months to get rid of germs.

53. Set up a stryrofoam construction station. So fun for preschoolers to develop their engineering skills.

54. Finger paint with shaving cream on an old, outdoor table.

55. Make coffee can ice cream.

56. Try squirt painting with water-guns.

57. Teach them about chemistry with these 3 easy chemical reaction experiments.

58. Hold an outdoor scavenger hunt. (free printables)

59. Set up a backyard obstacle course. So great for improving balance and gross-motor skills.

60. Tie Dye a tee-shirt with Sharpie